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How to Measure the Impact of your Changes with Causal Impact

I talk about neuroscience a lot, but another topic I am passionate about is data analysis, especially in the context of testing.

A GSC graph by Giulia Panozzo

If you're in marketing, you know well how hard it can be to prove the impact of our initiatives in an ever-changing digital landscape.

With so many channels and layers to a website's performance, establishing a clear impact of our on-page or off-page changes can be quite tricky.

However, an analytics package called Causal Impact can help us infer the effect of these initiatives by comparing our pages' actual and predicted performance with Bayesian Statistics, and establishing the cumulative impact of our changes to the time-series data.

Giulia Panozzo - A positive test analysis on Causal Impact

I recently wrote an article on Causal Impact for the Women In Tech SEO Hub, a 'zero to hero' guide to replicate one of the pretty graphs like the one above that can help you visualise the impact that your change has made on performance.

If you want to know more, check the article by clicking the link below:

Do you want to learn how to do SEO tests and analysis?

If you want to learn more about testing, I offer 1:1 and corporate training in Test and Learns & Data Analysis for SEO.

To book a free discovery call, please check my availability on Calendly.

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