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Neuroscience-based trainings for businesses of all sizes

NeuroscienTeach is the result of a partnership between neuroscientists

Dr. Anthony Mangiacotti, Dr. Davide Bono and Giulia Panozzo.

Thanks to our common background and diverse expertise, we specialise in neuroscience-based trainings for private individuals and businesses of all sizes. 

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Meet The Team

Giulia Panozzo

Founder of Neuroscientive | International Public Speaker, Trainer and Author

After graduating in neuroscience and obtaining her Psychologist license from the University of Padua, Giulia moved to the UK, where she built a successful career in digital marketing, from SEO to Customer Acquisition for global e-commerce platforms and marketplaces like RS Components, Expedia and StockX.


Her lifelong passion for neuroscience led her to explore the user's perspective at every step, from the effectiveness of search engine messaging to the factors influencing transactional decisions.

She founded Neuroscientive, a consultancy aimed at individuals and organizations interested in applying cognitive science insights to their acquisition strategy.


Giulia is a published author for major marketing outlets (Women In Tech SEO, Oncrawl, Moz) and a keynote speaker at various high-profile international events.

Areas of expertise:

  • Neuromarketing and consumer behaviour

  • Decision-making and attention processes

  • Neurovisualization techniques for individuals and businesses (neurofeedback, EEG, eyetracking)

  • Data analysis for marketing

  • Organizational empowerment

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DR. davide Bono, PHD

Neuroscientist, Lecturer and Scientific Consultant

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Dr. Davide Bono completed his PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience at UCL in 2020 and then worked for 2 years as postdoctoral researcher at the UCL Neuroimaging Centre. He has created and delivered training courses for employees working in the scientific and technical field (e.g. neuroimaging technicians).


He has also been involved in various educational projects, such as delivering preparatory courses for high school students willing to apply to university and collaborated in generating the content for an educational app targeting people living with insomnia.


Dr Bono has delivered lectures on psychology and neuroscience at UCL, Birkbeck University, Northeastern University in the UK and NYU in the US. He currently works as a medical and scientific consultant for various pharmaceutical companies. 

Areas of expertise:

  • Neurophysiological foundations of perceptual processes

  • Neuroimaging techniques (fMRI, EEG)

  • Insomnia

  • Neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson's disease)

  • Medical copywriting

DR. anthony mangiacotti, PHD

Neuroscientist, Tutor and Music Psychologist

Dr Anthony Mangiacotti is a psychologist and neuroscientist. In 2020, he completed his Ph.D. (Doctor Europaeus) in psychological, pedagogical, and educational sciences from the University of Padua (Italy), in collaboration with Middlesex University of London, where he currently serves as a postdoctoral researcher in the Psychology Department. In addition to his research role, he holds the position of Honorary Teaching Tutor at the FISPPA Department, University of Padua. He is also a lecturer at the Music Therapy School Alto Vicentino in Thiene, delivering workshops and lectures in pedagogical science, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and the psychology of music. Dr. Mangiacotti is actively engaged as a consultant, providing dynamic CPD sessions in cognitive neuroscience and stress management. His approach ensures to delivery of customized solutions for professionals in diverse sectors, including health, technology, and finance.

Areas of expertise:

  • Research methods and ethics

  • Dynamic CPD

  • Musical therapy

  • Cognitive assessments

  • Stress management and coping strategies

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some of Our Clients

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