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My Talks

    I started public speaking in March 2022 and I was lucky enough to be trusted with the amazing opportunities below.

    BrightonSEO (Brighton, UK - April 2023)
    WTSFest (London, UK - March 2023)
    LondonSEO Meetup (London, UK - March 2023)
    BenchMark Search Conference (Manchester, UK - November 2022)
    Measurefest (Brighton, UK - October 2022)
    LondonSEO Meetup (online - July 2022)
    Search Y (Paris, France - July 2022)
    SEO in The Shed (London, UK - March 2022)

    My areas of expertise are neuromarketing, SEO, marketing test and learns and data analytics.
    To book me for a speaking opportunity, please contact me via the form at the end of the page.
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